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Easy Auction Business LATEST NEWS!

Hello Everyone!

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time for a quick update on how things are progressing with the Easy Auction Business and other websites. I hope you had a really good time during the summer – hottest in last 100 years it was full of fun, parties & baby sitting for me! (watch out for a family pic in my Facebook account).

Ok, so what’s on the plate for remaining 4 months of this year?

1. First things first – next week, on September 3rd (Friday), Second Income Generator will go on sale again. It has been a while since it’s original launch and since I haven’t noticed any changes in the market WHATSOEVER (in terms of saturation/competition), I have decided to make it available for purchase again. This time there won’t be any limited offers.

2. Early October there will be some good news for all 60 Day Blueprint fans. I won’t reveal anything more at this stage BUT be prepared for some exciting news so stay tuned!

3. As promised, in September/October a brand new website AND a newsletter will be launched. This one will effectively replace EAB newsletter covering more e-commerce related stuff, not forgetting about eBay of course.

4. Easy Auction Business 3.0 – will be released in December. If you own EAB 1.0 or EAB 2.0, don’t worry – you’ll be able to get updated version absolutely FOR FREE! More info will be posted in our forum, on the Spicy Auction Templates forum.

5. Finally, don’t forget you can get absolutely FREE advice from me via Chat With Andrew platform. Keep those questions coming in as I publish Q&A posts on a daily basis. Your comments would be highly welcomed as well! 🙂

As you can see – lots of great stuff coming from me over the next 4 months! Thanks for all your support so far and let’s make our community even more stronger by getting in touch with each other via Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

Now, Back to Schoooool Everyone! 🙂


P.S. Feel free to leave comments here as well!